Books: Around the World in 80 Trades

The trading of goods is the most traditional and ancient type of economy and is still used by many cultures around the world. In Around the World in 80 Trades (MacMillan), cultural exchange and fair-trade economist Conor Woodman puts his negotiating skills and bargaining wits to the test against some of the world’s oldest trading cultures. Going all in, Woodman sold his house to finance this extraordinary journey that sees him trading camels from Sudan for coffee in Kenya, trading the coffee for South African red wine, and using the proceeds to purchase Chinese porcelain. Inspired by the various encounters along his route, Woodman concludes that, regardless of geo- graphical, language, or cultural diff- erences, the values of profit remain the same. Part travel writing and part journal of an undercover economist, Around the World in 80 Trades takes the reader on a journey of discovery of cultural exchange and the human story of how the complex modern macroeconomic system came to be: face-to-face exchange.

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