Books: The Grand Design

Co-written by one of the greatest minds of our time, the late Stephen Hawking, The Grand Design is an impressively concise piece of work that presents new answers to one of life’s most fundamental questions: how did it all begin? It is this exact pondering that has fascinated and brought together the fields of theology, philosophy, and science since the beginning of civilization — if only to oppose them. In this new book, Hawking and co-author Leonard Mlodinow showcase the most recent scientific thinking regarding the universe with brilliance and simplicity, as only two incredible intellectuals The pair take the reader on a fascinating journey through the creation of history by observation, the concept of reality, and the multiplicities of quantum theory and how it relates to history and existence. A concise, surprising, and extravagant guide to the discoveries shifting our understanding of the world and challenging some of our most personal belief systems, The Grand Design will definitely enlighten and provoke.

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