Features 3rd Quarter 2018
The Rise of Smart Cities

A city with free Wi-Fi in all public spaces. A city where children learn how to program apps in elementary school. Where street lighting is provided on demand. A city that uses smart sensors to tell you where to park your vehicle downtown. That knows when your garbage needs to be collected. That has open data access. That uses... >>

Features 3rd Quarter 2018
Cyberthreats in a Nutshell: You Are Not Prepared
Ruslan Yusufov Director, Special Projects, Group-IB, Russia
Features 3rd Quarter 2018
Reigniting the Development of Supersonic Flight
Features 3rd Quarter 2018
Stem Cell Technology: Preserving Your Future Today
Veronica Albertini, Valeria Rossella and Elisa Macchi Swiss Stem Cell Biotech SA
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