Opinions Global Mobility Report | 2021 Q3
Vaccines Boost Hopes for Summer Travel, while US Signals Openness to Foreign Workers

Successful vaccination rollouts in the USA are allowing some travel restrictions gradually to lift — a positive sign for the tourism and education sectors. Canada and the USA are ramping up efforts to attract and retain foreign workers and entrepreneurs, although the Biden administration was unable to pass major immigration legislation. South America’s relatively slow vaccine rollouts, in... >>

Annie Pforzheimer Retired career diplomat with the personal rank of Minister Counselor from the Department of State, a Senior Non-Resident Associate at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, a Global Fellow at the Woodrow Wilson Center, an Adjunct Professor at the City University of New York, and a public commentator and consultant on foreign policy issues
Opinions Global Mobility Report | 2021 Q3
Border Restrictions Ease, but Covid Continues to Impede Travel
Prof. Simone Bertoli Professor of Economics at Université Clermont Auvergne (CERDI) in France and a Research Fellow at the Institute of Labor Economics in Germany
Opinions Global Mobility Report | 2021 Q3
Embattled Region Plagued by Covid-19 Outbreaks
Curtis S. Chin Former US Ambassador to the Asian Development Bank, the inaugural Asia Fellow of the Milken Institute and managing director of advisory firm RiverPeak Group, LLC in Virginia in the US
Opinions Global Mobility Report | 2021 Q3
International Travel Shows Faint Signs of Life
Uğur Altundal and Ömer Zarpli Researchers in Political Science at Syracuse University and the University of Pittsburgh, respectively
Opinions Global Mobility Report | 2021 Q3
Cities Are Not Dead, but Migrant Flows Must Be Restored to Revive Them
Greg Lindsay Director of Applied Research at NewCities
Opinions Global Mobility Report | 2021 Q3
Passport Power in a Pandemic World
Dr. Juerg Steffen CEO of Henley & Partners and author of definitive books on high-net-worth relocation to Austria and Switzerland
Opinions Global Mobility Report | 2021 Q3
Diversification of Citizenship Becomes a Sine Qua Non in a Pandemic World
Dr. Christian H. Kaelin Chairman of Henley & Partners, an expert in investment migration, and the inventor of the passport index concept
Opinions Global Mobility Report | 2021 Q2
Pandemic Dashes Hopes for a New Normal in 2021
Justice Malala Award-winning journalist, newspaper columnist, author, and entrepreneur
Opinions Global Mobility Report | 2021 Q2
A Region Hard Hit by Exodus of Migrant Labor
Ryhor Nizhnikau Senior Research Fellow at the EU’s Eastern Neighbourhood and Russia program at the Finnish Institute of International Affairs.
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