News & Updates Global Mobility Report 2020
Climate Migration

This includes problems with the availability, quality, and accessibility of data, the definitions and approaches used to capture the data, and the capacity to analyze it. However, estimates (or, rather, ‘guesstimates’) about the scale of displacement vary from 25 million at the conservative end, to 1 billion in the middle, and 2 billion at the high end.
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Prof. Rosemary Lyster Professor of Climate and Environmental Law at the University of Sydney and Director of the Australian Centre for Climate and Environmental Law
News & Updates Global Mobility Report 2020
Talent Migration
Prof. Simone Bertoli Professor of Economics at Université Clermont Auvergne (CERDI) in France and a Research Fellow at the Institute of Labor Economics in Germany
News & Updates Global Mobility Report 2020
Wealth Migration
Dr. Christian H. Kaelin Chairman of Henley & Partners, an expert in investment migration, and the inventor of the passport index concept
News & Updates Global Mobility Report 2020
Global Mobility Today
Dr. Parag Khanna Founder and Managing Partner of FutureMap, a data- and scenario-based strategic advisory firm headquartered in Singapore, and author of numerous books including Connectography and The Future is Asian
From the Editor 3rd Edition 2019
From the Editor: Are You Futureproof?
Dr. Christian H. Kaelin
Events 2nd Quarter 2019
13th Global Citizenship Conference
News & Updates 2nd Quarter 2019
Moldova Announces First Successful Applicant to Citizenship-by-Investment Program
News & Updates 2nd Quarter 2019
Asia Consolidates Its Passport Power
News & Updates 2nd Quarter 2019
Singapore Is Favorite Destination for Expats
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