Culinaria: Le Chat-Botté • Geneva

At the southernmost point of the crescent-shaped Lake Geneva is the eponymous city that is widely regarded as the gourmet capital of Switzerland. This trendy, cosmopolitan hub is host to some of the nation’s finest dining and gastronomic experiences, among them Le Chat-Botté.

Situated in the heart of the historic Beau-Rivage hotel, whose establishment dates back to 1895, is the Michelin-starred Le Chat-Botté, quirkily named after the mischievous hero of the Charles Perrault tale Puss in Boots. At the helm of the restaurant and its team of 45 is acclaimed Swiss chef Dominique Gauthier, who once received elite recognition as Chef de l’Avenir 2015 (Chef of the Future 2015) by the International Academy of Gastronomy and has been rated 18 out of 20 by prestigious French restaurant guide Gault&Millau — quite the achievement.

Despite these accolades, Gauthier maintains that he derives more pleasure from the satisfaction he sees when customers enjoy their meals than the awards he receives. The generous epicurean says: “The stars that really matter to us are not so much those that are stamped, but the ones we actually see shining in your eyes.”

The exceptional cuisine at Le Chat-Botté embraces the changing tides of gastronomy, masterfully engaging complex culinary techniques to create a harmonious symphony of flavors. The delicately crafted dishes are a selection of contemporary and creative French cuisine, incorporating the flavors and colors of the Mediterranean. Using only premium ingredients, the team at Le Chat-Botté thrive on creating artistic dishes inspired by the natural colors and tastes of the seasons. Favorites on the menu include Dublin prawns roasted in kadaïf, citrus juice, and basil; crispy soufflé with Impérial Gold caviar; and Golden Delicious, an apple tarte tatin revisited.

For those culinary enthusiasts who yearn to be at the center of the action, there is a seat available at the Chef’s Table — providing an intimate view of the kitchen and its team. Gauthier’s passion and love for food extends beyond merely creating culinary masterpieces, as he shares his secrets through his exclusive haut de gamme cooking classes, for which guests at the hotel can sign up. Receiving the opportunity to work directly with Gauthier, guests can enjoy the unique experience of creating a gourmet meal served at the Chef’s Table.

Le Chat-Botté is open from Monday to Friday, from 12:00–14:00 and 19:00–22:00. To make a reservation, contact +41 22 716 69 20 or email

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