From the Editor: Are You Futureproof?

Humans have a propensity to attempt to foretell the future — whether by staring into crystal balls, by examining the past for patterns, or by being cognizant of and analyzing trends. This somewhat intrinsic desire is often at its most robust during the reflection-laden year-end period we are now approaching, and it is amplified by significant developments on the global political scene: case in point the election of Boris Johnson to the position of prime minister of the UK.

With a focus on global risk, this edition of Global Citizenship Review offers perspectives from the personal to the existential, including the biggest risk of all — that nuclear weapons will again be deployed in a conflict. Our contributor on the matter posits that this has become more probable due to global consensus fragmenting and treaties not being renewed.

Our Cover Story was not written by a fortune teller, but it will give you pause for thought. By tracking key geopolitical risks for 2020, this insightful article challenges us to think more critically about the state of the world and the condition of the planet. Extending the thought further, we also look at the role of data in shaping global geopolitical dynamics and its potential to prompt inter-state conflict, impact public policy, and bolster the influence of emerging economic powerhouse countries.

There are indeed serious risks that our global community faces today, some incipient and others fully developed, but all summoning our collective attention and questioning our determination to explore innovative solutions.

May your reflection on 2019 stimulate your resolve to subdue in your life any risks to your health, well-being, and investment legacy.

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