From the Editor: Crossing the Event Horizon

Stephen Hawking, denied freedom of movement in the most extreme sense, traveled further into space than many of us ever will. One of his most profound legacies is the Bekenstein–Hawking formula, which, specifically with respect to black holes, considers the relationship between entropy and the event horizon.

In general relativity, an event horizon is a region in space-time beyond which events cannot affect an outside observer. Until very recently in Earth’s history, you could say that an event horizon surrounded our planet, the actions of its denizens completely inconsequential to anyone, or anything, beyond our atmosphere. But for all we seek to measure, define, and set rules and boundaries for, humanity loves to test, break, and redefine these. From order to disorder, and known to unknown, we are entropy manifest.

In this issue of Global Citizenship Review, we embrace Hawking’s sentiment to “Look up at the stars and not down at your feet”, questioning the economic, political, ethical, and philosophical ramifications of not only global but universal citizenship. In his article ‘Politics and the Regulation of Space’, Dr. Marcello di Paola critically considers what it will mean as we increasingly explore, digitize, mine, and possibly even inhabit space, while Namira Salim discusses space as “the new frontier for peace” in an exclusive interview with Global Citizenship Review.

But we cannot live with our heads in, or beyond, the clouds; here on Earth, we review the shifting boundaries and spaces around us. Looking at the virtual realm, we shine a light on developments in cyber security, investigate trends and strategies in the relatively new concept of smart cities, and look into the face of a new kind of citizen — built, not born.

As interesting and integral to our future as these topics are, we believe in balance, and offer some mental  respite  in  the  warm,  lush  setting  of  Thailand  — as not just a holiday destination but an upcoming regional economic powerhouse. Thailand’s trajectory positions the Thailand Elite residence program as exemplary in its tailored offering to VIPs and discerning investors.

I trust you will enjoy your journey through the spaces in these pages, beyond horizons spatial, temporal, virtual, and terrestrial. As a global citizen, embrace every opportunity to define your own boundaries.


Dr. Christian H. Kaelin
Editor in Chief






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