Henley & Partners and The Good Country Index at Davos 2019

Henley & Partners’ engagements at Davos 2019 included launching the eagerly-anticipated 2019 Good Country Index. The results were announced at an exclusive cocktail reception hosted by Henley & Partners, Ledgerstate, and the Altru Institute on Wednesday, 23 January 2019 at the Altru Clubhouse in Davos, Switzerland.

The hosts were Damir Yandrich, Chairman of Ledgerstate, and Dr. Christian H. Kälin, Chairman of Henley & Partners, in participation with the Hon. Professor Edward Scicluna, Minister of Finance, Malta, and Simon Anholt, Founder of The Good Country, the visionary project that aims to facilitate collaboration by countries to tackle global issues through mobilizing public opinion.

Dr. Christian H. Kälin welcomed the esteemed audience and introduced the event, while Damir Yandrich spoke on the compelling subject of How Blockchain Technology is a Force for Good. The evening’s formal proceedings culminated with the announcement of the 2019 Good Country Index, which measures each country’s contribution to the common good of humanity.

Earlier on the same day, Henley & Partners hosted two multi-stakeholder panels that brought together heads and ministers of several governments and leading academics and industry experts.

The first discussion was co-hosted with Ledgerstate, the group of blockchain and decentralizing technology experts who identify innovative, secure and efficient solutions for organizations. The ‘Global Citizenship, Blockchain, and Digital Government’ panel explored how digital technologies are transforming governments and citizenship, and examined the need for global citizens and their societies to create a sustainable legacy of greater sovereignty and cooperation.

The second panel focused on ‘Investment Migration: Sovereign Equity versus Sovereign Debt’ and examined how governments can create economic freedom and security by harnessing investment migration options. It explored the global shared responsibility to define a new world order, break the shackles of systemic debt burdens, and enable new opportunities for growth.

The panels were followed by a unique cocktail evening with the celebrated British fashion designer Ozwald Boateng, OBE, at the Stromback Penthouse in Davos.

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