Cover Stories 3rd Quarter 2018
To Mars and Beyond: Freedom of Movement

We take for granted that certain human rights should be protected, such as the right to life, the right to freedom from abuse, and the right to freedom from oppression. But the right to freedom of movement is no less fundamental in order for life to flourish. This certainly places an interesting spin on the global citizenship... >>

Country Reviews 3rd Quarter 2018
Thailand: Southeast Asia’s Kingdom of Wonder
Ratchadawan Loetsilathong Acting President, Thailand Privilege Card Company
Features 3rd Quarter 2018
Interview: Namira Salim
Features 3rd Quarter 2018
Pioneering Space Exploration: Five Individuals Leading the Pack
Features 3rd Quarter 2018
Inside the Refugee Camp Where Technology Improves Lives
Paola de Leo Head of Group Philanthropy, Henley & Partners, UK; Executive Director, Andan Foundation, Switzerland
Features 3rd Quarter 2018
The EB-5 Visa and the American Dream
Marie Ekberg Padilla Editor in Chief, EB5 Investors Magazine, US
Features 3rd Quarter 2018
The Common Reporting Standard and the Taxpayer’s Right to Privacy
Ceris Gardner Partner, Maurice Turnor Gardner, UK
Features 3rd Quarter 2018
World Design Capital: Mexico City 2018
Features 3rd Quarter 2018
The Rise of Smart Cities
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