Opinions Global Mobility Report | 2021 Q2
Governments Target Footloose Talent to Drive Economic Recovery

If last year saw the advent of pervasive remote work and “nomad visas” amid a scramble to secure Covid-free havens, then 2021 will be the year savvy governments begin to harness post-pandemic migration opportunities as the driving force for economic recovery and development. Destinations ranging from Helsinki to Dubai in terms of climate and temperament are already drafting... >>

Greg Lindsay Director of Applied Research at NewCities
Opinions Global Mobility Report | 2021 Q2
Vaccine Rollouts Widen Global Mobility Gap
Dr. Juerg Steffen CEO of Henley & Partners and author of definitive books on high-net-worth relocation to Austria and Switzerland
Opinions Global Mobility Report | 2021 Q2
Sophisticated Entrepreneurs Choose Domicile Diversification to Secure Enhanced Value and Yield Through Global Mobility
Dr. Christian H. Kaelin Chairman of Henley & Partners, an expert in investment migration, and the inventor of the passport index concept
Opinions Global Mobility Report | 2021 Q2
Advancing Towards a Post-Pandemic World
Dr. Parag Khanna Founder and Managing Partner of FutureMap, a data- and scenario-based strategic advisory firm headquartered in Singapore, and author of numerous books including Connectography and The Future is Asian
News & Updates Henley Passport Index | Global Mobility Report Q2 2021
Japan Has the Most Powerful Passport but Only in a Post-Pandemic World
Henley & Partners
News & Updates IMP Health Risk Assessment
Launch of the Investment Migration Programs Health Risk Assessment
Henley & Partners
News & Updates Investment Migration Programs 2021
Investment Migration Programs 2021 Has Been Published
Henley & Partners
Opinions Global Mobility Report | 2021 Q1
Covid-19 Exacerbates Vulnerability of the Forcibly Displaced
Lorraine Charles Research Associate at the Centre for Business Research at the University of Cambridge
News & Updates Global Mobility Report | 2021 Q1
A Changed World: What the Latest Henley Passport Index Results Tell Us
Dominic Volek Group Head of Private Clients and a Member of the Executive Committee of Henley & Partners
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