Features 1st Quarter 2019
The State of Education Philanthropy

Education is an engine of opportunity. That is why, around the world, the fortunate have invested in education when seeking to give back. In the US, famous individuals such as Bill Gates have led the charge on 21st-century school reform. In other places, the names are different but many of the motivations and ambitions are the same.... >>

Frederick M. Hess and Brendan Bell
Features 1st Quarter 2019
Interview: Marc Effron
News & Updates 20 February 2019
Global Strategist Dr. Parag Khanna joins Henley & Partners’ Board of Advisors
Global Citizen 1st Quarter 2019
Global Citizen: Dr. Juerg Steffen
Features 1st Quarter 2019
The World Ultra Wealth Report 2018
Winston Chesterfield Director, Wealth-X Custom Research, UK
Features 1st Quarter 2019
Why the EU Should Encourage Investment Migration
Stephane Tajick President and Chief Advisor, Stephane Tajick Consulting Canada
Features 1st Quarter 2019
Taxation of Swiss Residents
Renato H. Bloch Founder and Senior Partner, Bloch Law Offices, Switzerland
Opinions 1st Quarter 2019
Why Investing in Fine Art is Different From Investing in Traditional Asset Classes
Doug Woodham Managing Partner, Art Fiduciary Advisors, USA
Features 1st Quarter 2019
Tax Implications of Funding Studies Abroad
Alice Vink Senior Associate, Stephenson Harwood LLP, UK
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