Features 3rd Edition 2019
Ius Doni: Citizenship-by-Investment

Citizenship laws reinforce birth-based membership: “advantaging those who have access to the inherited privilege of membership”.1 Most states base their citizenship laws on a person’s birth2 — either ius sanguinis, citizenship by descent, or ius soli, citizenship by birth.3 Less commonly, one may become a citizen through naturalization, namely “acquisition after birth of a citizenship not previously... >>

Dr. Christian H. Kaelin
Country Reviews 3rd Edition 2019
Montenegro: Place of Natural Splendor
Marco Polo 3rd Edition 2019
Marco Polo: Aman Sveti Stefan • Sveti Stefan
Property 3rd Edition 2019
Property: The Shoreline • Smart City
Features 3rd Edition 2019
Montenegro’s Real Estate Market: Something for Everyone
Kieran Kelleher Founder and Managing Director, Dream Estates Croatia and Montenegro, Montenegro
Features 3rd Edition 2019
Keep Your Assets Liquid: Investing in Wine
Malu Lambert Food and Wine Writer, South Africa
Features 3rd Edition 2019
Buying Your First Yacht
Kurt Fraser Commercial Director, West Nautical, UK
Columns 3rd Edition 2019
Kochenov: Good European Citizenship
Prof. Dr. Dimitry Kochenov Chair in EU Constitutional Law, University of Groningen, Netherlands; Chairman, Investment Migration Council, Switzerland
Features 2nd Quarter 2019
Europe’s Migration Lessons for Japan
Irina Angelescu International Affairs Specialist, USA
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