Property: The Shoreline • Smart City

In the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, just south of Sicily, you will find the small island nation of Malta. While it may not boast the size of its Mediterranean neighbors, Malta is fast becoming one of the most desirable destinations for exclusive and upmarket modern living. There are many beautiful places that the island has to offer, yet among these, The Shoreline, just south of Valletta, is currently the most anticipated property development in the region. Expel the image of sleepy island living with cocktails and sun hats from your mind and open the door to a contemporary vision of sleek and smart design. Construction is well underway for 370 premium residence units that will make up eight secure apartment blocks at The Shoreline, centered on a 25,000 square meter double-story mall.

The design of the Shoreline Mall itself is by Haskoll, a leading architectural firm in the UK. With space for 44 retail outlets, the Shoreline Mall will be Malta’s largest shopping center, setting a new standard in Kalkara’s Smart City. Its vastness by no means threatens the mall’s intimacy and exclusivity, as Haskoll’s innovative modern style incorporates green spaces and clear skies, complemented by all-round technological integration. The Shoreline residence units will be no less impressive: with a wide range of layout, size, and orientation options, potential buyers are spoilt for choice. With 150 units already sold, the residence is shaping up to be a truly chic cosmopolitan hub. There are four different unit styles on offer, including full-sized apartments, studios, duplexes, and penthouse units.

Studio accommodation is ideal for the traveling professional or the trendy couple, providing elegant living and easy access to the city. While these units may be comparatively small, they have been thoughtfully designed to maximize the use of space, sound, and light to great advantage. Full-sized apartments offer complete comfort and spacious rooms, perfect for a small family or for entertaining friends. Duplex apartments are without doubt the top choice for full families, with even more bedroom options and more freedom to explore. If school and education are priorities for potential residents, a number of world-class institutions are just a short drive away.

The Shoreline’s penthouses offer an indulgent experience that will entice those who enjoy pure luxury living. These top-floor units will have unparalleled views of the city and the sea, flaunting the splendor of rooftops and beaches every day. Those who live in the eight-building complex will practically have one toe in the sea, with silky stretches of Malta’s beaches within walking distance of The Shoreline.

It is worth highlighting — no matter how often it is said — that location is everything. The Shoreline is equally well situated for relaxation and business, making it just about as ideal a location as one could hope for in Malta. The construction is also built with the future of the Smart City in mind, thanks to consultations with world-renowned specialists in acoustics, lighting, and sustainable energy. With a quality finish to every unit, no compromises have been made for on even the smallest aspects of life in the Shoreline residence.

The Shoreline is more than just a quiet haven from the bustling world of commerce and travel — it is a place you can call home. Acquiring a home in The Shoreline is a direct path to Maltese citizenship-by-investment that will enable you to work and travel freely in the EU and eliminate visa requirements for traveling to more than 180 international destinations, including Canada.

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