Singapore Is Favorite Destination for Expats

According to HSBC’s Expat Explorer 2018 survey, Singapore is again the overall favorite destination for expats thanks to its leading performance in the categories of economics, working, family, social, and well-being. For the fourth consecutive year, Singapore comes out on top, with 45% of expats moving to the country to “progress their careers” and 38% to “improve their earnings”. In addition, 60% of expats in Singapore report that “their children’s health and well-being is better here than at home”.

The results of the survey place New Zealand in 2nd position overall, with Germany 3rd, Canada 4th, and Bahrain 5th. Bahrain moved up from 9th position in 2017. Speaking of some of the motivations behind an expat’s choice to move, John Goddard, Head of HSBC Expat, says: “Expats don’t leave their native homes, jobs, friends, and families just for the money. The decision is as much about pursuing new challenges, greater knowledge, new skills, and wider life experiences.” HSBC’s annual report is based on a survey of expats around the world; this year’s edition drew responses from over 22,000 individuals.

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