Tech Company Orion Span is Developing Space’s First Hotel

Orion Span’s Aurora Station, said to be space’s first- ever hotel, will begin hosting guests in 2022. To reach the modular establishment, which covers a total area of 455 ft2, guests will have to travel on a 30-minute rocket flight. Reservation deposits for one of four suites are currently pegged at USD 80,000, and the cost of a 12-day itinerary begins at USD 9.5 million. To qualify for a stay at the hotel, interested guests will have to undergo health screening and participate in a three-month training program. Describing the experience of being on Aurora Station, CEO of Orion Span Frank Bunger says: “The premise of Aurora Station is for guests to live, feel, and breathe what it’s like to be an astronaut. That means 24/7 weightlessness and plenty of freeze- dried food.” The hotel will orbit once around Earth every 90 minutes at 322 km above the Earth’s surface.

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