Features 2nd Quarter 2019
Europe’s Migration Lessons for Japan

Japan is in the process of changing its famously restrictive immigration laws. In late 2018, Japanese lawmakers held an extraordinary session of the Diet to discuss the topic, the aim being to bring in foreign workers to address the most severe national labor shortage in four decades while causing minimal disruption to society. This may prove difficult:... >>

Irina Angelescu International Affairs Specialist, USA
Features 2nd Quarter 2019
Facilitated Naturalization
Features 2nd Quarter 2019
Sovereign Equity: A Paradigm Shift
Dr. Christian H. Kälin
Opinions 2nd Quarter 2019
Authoritarian Populism versus Classical Liberal Cosmopolitanism
Dr. Tom G. Palmer George M. Yeager Chair for Advancing Liberty and Executive Vice President for International Programs, Atlas Network, USA; Senior Fellow, Cato Institute, USA
Opinions 2nd Quarter 2019
The EU and the Securitization of Chinese Investment
Dr. Angela Stanzel Senior Policy Fellow, Asia Program, Institut Montaigne, France
On Trend 2nd Quarter 2019
On Trend: Smart Technology for the Modern Home
Kochenov 2nd Quarter 2019
Kochenov: The Citizenship of Personal Circumstances in the EU
Prof. Dr. Dimitry Kochenov Chair in EU Constitutional Law, University of Groningen, Netherlands; Chairman, Investment Migration Council, Switzerland
Events 2nd Quarter 2019
13th Global Citizenship Conference
News & Updates 2nd Quarter 2019
Moldova Announces First Successful Applicant to Citizenship-by-Investment Program
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