Opinions Global Mobility Report | 2021 Q2
Longevity-Progressive Countries – Retirement Destinations of the Future?

Traditionally, retirees from prosperous countries have usually chosen to relocate to regions with favorable weather and affordable, enjoyable lifestyles. Among the key factors that make such regions attractive are their relatively inexpensive healthcare systems and other cost savings combined with their high standards of living.

Savvy Caribbean and Central American countries offer perks to attract expat retirees

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Kate Batz and Alexei Cresniov Kate Batz is a Managing Partner at Longevity Capital, and Alex Cresniov serves as Director of Deep Knowledge Analytics.
Opinions Global Mobility Report | 2021 Q2
The Ethical Dilemmas Related to Covid-19 Vaccine Passports
Uğur Altundal and Ömer Zarpli Researchers in Political Science at Syracuse University and the University of Pittsburgh, respectively
Opinions Global Mobility Report | 2021 Q2
Governments Target Footloose Talent to Drive Economic Recovery
Greg Lindsay Director of Applied Research at NewCities
Opinions Global Mobility Report | 2021 Q2
Vaccine Rollouts Widen Global Mobility Gap
Dr. Juerg Steffen CEO of Henley & Partners and author of definitive books on high-net-worth relocation to Austria and Switzerland
Opinions Global Mobility Report | 2021 Q2
Sophisticated Entrepreneurs Choose Domicile Diversification to Secure Enhanced Value and Yield Through Global Mobility
Dr. Christian H. Kaelin Chairman of Henley & Partners, an expert in investment migration, and the inventor of the passport index concept
Opinions Global Mobility Report | 2021 Q2
Advancing Towards a Post-Pandemic World
Dr. Parag Khanna Founder and Managing Partner of FutureMap, a data- and scenario-based strategic advisory firm headquartered in Singapore, and author of numerous books including Connectography and The Future is Asian
News & Updates Henley Passport Index | Global Mobility Report Q2 2021
Japan Has the Most Powerful Passport but Only in a Post-Pandemic World
Henley & Partners
News & Updates IMP Health Risk Assessment
Launch of the Investment Migration Programs Health Risk Assessment
Henley & Partners
News & Updates Investment Migration Programs 2021
Investment Migration Programs 2021 Has Been Published
Henley & Partners
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