Opinions Henley Passport Index Q3 2020
Africa Struggles with Economic Effects of Coronavirus

Although the total numbers of infections and deaths registered in Africa have been significantly lower than those recorded in the USA, the public health impact of the pandemic is nonetheless anticipated to be acute for the continent. The United Nations Economic Commission for Africa estimates that coronavirus infections in Africa could reach 122 million, with 300,000 deaths, in what... >>

Ryan Cummings Independent consultant to international news outlets, publications, and think-tanks, and a Director at Signal Risk
Opinions Henley Passport Index Q3 2020
Vulnerable Populations and Tourism in the Middle East Hard Hit by Covid-19
Lorraine Charles Research Associate at the Centre for Business Research at the University of Cambridge in the UK
Opinions Henley Passport Index Q3 2020
Covid-19 Halts UK Migration but Not Brexit
Rob McNeil Deputy Director and Head of Media and Communications at the Migration Observatory the University of Oxford in the UK
Opinions Henley Passport Index Q3 2020
Will US Immigration Policy Changes Mean the End of Silicon Valley As We Know It?
Greg Lindsay Director of Applied Research at NewCities
Opinions Henley Passport Index Q3 2020
Bilateral Agreements on Free Movement of People in a (Post-)Covid World
Prof. Diego Acosta Professor of European and Migration Law University of Bristol, UK
Opinions Henley Passport Index Q3 2020
Environmental Health: A New Priority for Post–Covid-19 Mobility?
Charles Phillips Independent researcher and consultant for Oxford Business Group whose field of expertise is energy and climate change policy in the Middle East
Opinions Henley Passport Index Q3 2020
Coronavirus Temporarily Reduces Global Mobility Gap
Prof. Dr. Yossi Harpaz Assistant Professor of Sociology at Tel Aviv University in Israel
News & Updates Investment Migration
Why Business Owners Are Setting Up Shop in St. Lucia
Dominic Volek Global Head of Sales at Henley & Partners
Opinions COVID-19
Global Citizenship in a Covid-19 World
Evan Saperstein and Daniel Saperstein Evan Saperstein, Ed.D., is a high school social studies teacher and adjunct professor of history. Daniel Saperstein Esq. has taught as an adjunct professor of history.
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