Opinions 3rd Edition 2019
The Varied Geographies of Citizenships

The concept of citizenship has demonstrated a profound capacity for reinterpretation, reformulation, and nuancing over time. This said, it has often been linked to specific scales of place or types of places, which tend to coincide with the dominant political territories of certain eras. Should this be regarded as an evolving search for a geographic optimality for... >>

Alexander C. Diener Director of Graduate Studies and Associate Professor of Geography University of Kansas, USA
Opinions 3rd Edition 2019
The Geopolitics of Data
Abishur Prakash Geopolitical Futurist, Center for Innovating the Future, Canada; Author, Next Geopolitics: Volume One and Two and Go.AI (Geopolitics of Artificial Intelligence)
Opinions 3rd Edition 2019
Cultural Considerations for Doing Business in the Middle East
Nasif Kayed Founder and Chief Executive Officer The Arab Culturalist, UAE
Opinions 2nd Quarter 2019
Authoritarian Populism versus Classical Liberal Cosmopolitanism
Dr. Tom G. Palmer George M. Yeager Chair for Advancing Liberty and Executive Vice President for International Programs, Atlas Network, USA; Senior Fellow, Cato Institute, USA
Opinions 2nd Quarter 2019
The EU and the Securitization of Chinese Investment
Dr. Angela Stanzel Senior Policy Fellow, Asia Program, Institut Montaigne, France
Opinions 2nd Quarter 2019
Tourism as a Driver of Economic Development in Portugal
Luís Araújo President, Turismo de Portugal, Portugal
Opinions 2nd Quarter 2019
Hong Kong’s Resilient Housing Market
Binoche Chan Chief Operating Officer, List Sotheby’s International Realty, Hong Kong
Opinions 1st Quarter 2019
Too Small To Fail
James Breiding Author of Swiss Made: The Untold Story Behind Switzerland’s Success; Founder and CEO, Naissance Capital, Switzerland
Opinions 1st Quarter 2019
Why International Clients Still Bank in Switzerland
Dr. Ariel Sergio Goekmen Member of the Executive Board Wealth Management Switzerland, Schroder & Co Bank AG, Switzerland
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