From the Editor: For Posterity

With the fourth quarter well underway, we enter a period of introspection, recalling the triumphs and challenges of the year that is soon drawing to a close, and charting with resolve our course for

the year that beckons. This reflective process tends to bring up questions of legacy and posterity, for which the concept of digital immortality — the focus of this issue — has profound implications. As we explore in the pages that follow, cutting-edge digital developments are today paving the way for a world in which the end of a person’s life is no longer the final page of their story.

The sea change we are witnessing in the relationship between humanity and technology is being closely monitored and contained by parallel developments in legislation. Hendrik Seidel leads us in a discussion of how the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation in particular is fighting to protect our personal privacy in the face of our growing digital footprint.

We spend time with Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha, who speaks to us about her new book, What the Eyes Don’t See. In it, the public health specialist skillfully tells the tale of the Flint, Michigan, water crisis, the effects of which on the health of local children Dr. Hanna-Attisha and her team documented in a groundbreaking and highly publicized study. Dr. Hanna-Attisha’s story gently reminds us of the value of effective, community-driven governance and of the contribution that every global citizen can make in shaping a more just world.

Also in these pages is a review of this year’s Investment Migration Forum, in which I had the privilege of participating. The forum is an annual industry highlight, and this year’s gathering once again reiterated the importance of self-regulation among all industry stakeholders. As we continue to report unprecedented growth on both the demand and the supply side, proactively strengthening our own industry standards will be the key to our ongoing success.

In this final edition of Global Citizenship Review for 2018, we are proud to shine a light on the Republic of Moldova, following the launch of its seminal citizenship- by-investment offering. The Moldova Citizenship-by-Investment program is a welcome addition to the investment migration landscape, and we eagerly await the far-reaching benefits that the program will generate for the country and its people. We wish the Government of Moldova great success with this endeavor.

And to you, dear reader, I send my warmest season’s greetings, along with my trust that the year ahead — met with our enduring optimism and collective resilience — will be our best yet.

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