From the Editor: Legacy Design

When the death of pioneer American industrial designer Charles Harrison made news last November, the international design community felt a weighted loss. The author of A Life’s Design, Harrison was the brains behind the design of various household staples, including the humble plastic refuse bin on wheels, transparent measuring cups, and the iconic 3D View-Master®, the hallmark of many childhood memories. Harrison also designed more than 100 sewing machines in his lifetime, propelling his impact and legacy to global stature. Even so, the significance of his contribution was lost on many, unfortunately, as — unlike his familiar designs — his was not a household name, which provides a poignant metaphor for the imperceptible yet substantial influence that design has on our lives.

As a homage to Harrison and the plethora of creative masterminds whose
efforts make our lives that much more convenient, and beautiful, this edition of Global Citizenship Review focuses on design.

Our Cover Story offers an insightful look at how design thinking principles
are finding increasing value and application in everyday scenarios, challenging us to be more innovative in our problem solving. In On Trend we explore how the design of technology and appliances is responding to the revolution of the tech-equipped smart home, and elsewhere we consider the future of personal air travel, and how electronic aircraft solutions are being designed to meet the dynamic needs of time-pressed affluent travelers. A design-themed issue would, of course, be incomplete without a visual meander around some of the world’s most interesting destination museums and feats of design.

In Country Review we revel in the treasure that is Portugal and feature the
country’s outstanding residence program, a leading option for those seeking EU access and global mobility for themselves and for their descendants, for those who choose to design their own legacy.

May you find, in the pages that follow, the inspiration to envisage, design,
and realize the life and legacy your heart desires.

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