Ius Doni: Citizenship-by-Investment

Citizenship laws reinforce birth-based membership: “advantaging those who have access to the inherited privilege of membership”.1 Most states base their citizenship laws on a person’s birth2 — either ius sanguinis, citizenship by descent, or ius soli, citizenship by birth.3 Less commonly, one may become a citizen through naturalization, namely “acquisition after birth of a citizenship not previously... >>

Dr. Christian H. Kälin
Country Reviews
Montenegro: Place of Natural Splendor
Marco Polo
Marco Polo: Aman Sveti Stefan • Sveti Stefan
Property: The Shoreline • Smart City
Montenegro’s Real Estate Market: Something for Everyone
Kieran Kelleher Founder and Managing Director, Dream Estates Croatia and Montenegro, Montenegro
Keep Your Assets Liquid: Investing in Wine
Malu Lambert Food and Wine Writer, South Africa
Buying Your First Yacht
Kurt Fraser Commercial Director, West Nautical, UK
Kochenov: Good European Citizenship
Prof. Dr. Dimitry Kochenov Chair in EU Constitutional Law, University of Groningen, Netherlands; Chairman, Investment Migration Council, Switzerland
Features 2nd Quarter 2019
Europe’s Migration Lessons for Japan
Irina Angelescu International Affairs Specialist, USA
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